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Pure Aesthetic...

North Cape collection of European Oak floors was influenced by Nordic nature and Scandinavian style. 
Scandinavian design is characterized by purity, unity, simplicity and implies the use of natural materials with focus on light and nature. It is also a symbol of a healthy, sustainable and practical Nordic lifestyle.


North Cape collection offer a great range of wood flooring options to create an airy, fresh and stylish look in your home.


North Cape collection includes cool and warm whites, soft pastels as well as deeper neutrals, such as biscuits. Whether you are looking for bright and bold interior solution or prefer more serene and calm atmosphere – our wood flooring collection (is specifically designed to) will help you to set up distinctly Scandinavian style in your room. Organic tones of whites,beiges and greys provide an impeccable backdrop for modern spaces. With the right décor elements you can reach a unique, desired ambient in your home.  

To get this pure, versatile aesthetic in your home, discover our exclusive North Cape wood flooring collection. 

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