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SCANDI FLOOR  Wood flooring products

Our Company

SCANDI FLOOR  Wood flooring products embrace the best traditions of Scandinavian woodworkers which involves love of nature, patience, aspiration to achieve the highest quality and most consistent product possible. 
Brand originates from family wood processing and manufacturing traditions that have been passed down through two generations.

SCANDI FLOOR brand combines the best old traditions with the latest technological advancements. The expertise and the achievements in mechanical engineering , tool making, painting varnishing and technology of adhesive materials are being accumulated within our company and used in our daily practices.



“ A charming, long-lasting flooring experience created with authentic craftsmanship, inventiveness and environmental integrity.”

Our Vision

Professional Equipment

Use of the machinery with diamond tooling helps us to minimize the losses of timber of valuable hardwood species such as oak, walnut and ash, and to maximize production output.

Highly Skilled & Passionate Craftsmen

A team of experienced technologists-designers makes a significant contribution by constantly innovating and designing new products utilizing revolutionary solutions in the field of finishing materials.

Quality & Sustainable Materials

Our main timber resources are valuable hardwood species and coniferous materials. In our production process we always make sure that every single plank of hardwood timber is used. Sawdust and grinding dust are being used (utilized) for the heating of the factory and process water. A unique air dual purification system enable us to bring back the heat into the production premises.

Lacquers and oils by Bona – a famous Scandinavian manufacturer of hardwood floor care products – provide our wood floors with silky appearance, durability and make them eco-friendly.

Finishing Solutions from Professional Supplier 
Scandi Wood Floor Company Vision


Scand Wood Floor Enironment

We adhere to environmentally responsible standards, to ensure both quality and sustainability. We carefully choose materials and components, from adhesives to finishes that emit the lowest possible amount of pollutants.


Our products meet the highest standards for toxic emissions.
Scandi Floor takes pride in keeping the products with the smallest formaldehyde level. 

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