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The guarantee of SCANDI FlOOR will cover the durability of structure and the manufacturer’s surface treatment of the wood flooring assuming normal use and wear and tear. The warranty is conditional on the product being laid and looked after in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
General Guarantee Conditions

                       Twenty years guarantee is valid, when SCANDI FlOOR wood flooring has been laid for private use and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to install in accordance with the instructions will void all warranties. We urge you and your installer to inspect each plank prior to installation. In the unlikely event that you encounter a visually defective plank prior to its installation, we will replace it free of charge. Simply return it with your receipt to your retailer for your free replacement.SCANDI FlOOR reserves the right to rectify faulty flooring or to have it rectified by a third party, or to exchange it. If the flooring is to be exchanged, the manufacturer has the right to determine the way it is to be returned. The cost of the repair will be refunded only if the matter has been agreed beforehand and will cover only the floor materials and repair work, not additional expenses.
Installation Guarantee

                      We guarantee our floor installations for long-lasting performance, provided the floors are installed to manufacturer’s guidelines using approved applications.
Structural Guarantee

                      SCANDI FlOOR will guarantee the structure durability for at least 20 years if the product has been laid in residential areas and in accordance with the manufacturer’s care instructions already mentioned.
Moisture Warranty

                      If installed and maintained in strict accordance with our instructions, we guarantee our floors against damage, caused by normal moisture and air conditions. IT IS CRITICAL THAT BEFORE INSTALLATION, ALL SUBFLOORS ARE INSPECTED AND TESTED FOR DRYNESS OR MOISTURE PROBLEMS IN ACCORDANCE WITH ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.
Should our flooring fail under normal moisture conditions, we shall, at our option, repair or replace the damaged flooring one time, exclusive of the costs of refinishing.
Radiant Heat Warranty

                      SCANDI FlOOR wood flooring can be installed over underfloor heating. Manufacturer’s specific laying instructions should be followed. The temperature of the wooden floor surface should not exceed 27°C or 81°F.
Indirect Damage

                      Claims of indirect damages are excluded without exception.
                      – Wood is a natural and living product and variations in color, grain pattern and/or texture normally occur in the original materials and are not defects and no warranty shall apply thereto. Installed flooring will change in colour over time, and this is also a natural characteristic of wood products for which no warranty is provided. Exposure of all portions of the installed flooring to direct sunlight may cause variations in colour and such variations in colour are not covered by warranty. We cannot warrant against natural variations, nor the normal minor differences between colour samples and the colour of installed floors.
                       – In order to maintain the recommended relative humidity (40%-60%) inside the home, installation of the humidifier or dehumidifier may be necessary. The floor is designed to perform in an environmentally controlled structure. Any exposure to excessive heat or moisture may cause damage to the flooring and is not covered by warranty regardless of cause and source.
                      – Damage due to water saturation (including but not limited to) a leaky tap, broken pipe and wet mopping is excluded.
                      – We will not assume responsibility for damage caused directly or indirectly by misuse, abuse, accident or use that is not consistent with our SCANDI FlOOR Installation Guide. Accordingly, no warranty, expressed or implied, is provided for any damage due to inadequate care or other causes noted in our SCANDI FlOOR Installation Guide or Care Guide, including stains, damage caused by heavy items, by impact, scratches, scarring, denting, spike heels, spills and standing water etc. The warranty does not cover scratches or stains caused by domestic pets.
                      – In no event shall SCANDI FlOOR be liable or in any manner responsible for any claim, loss or damage arising from the purchase, the inability to use its products or from any form of special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost profits, emotional, multiple, punitive or exemplary damages or attorneys fees. In no event shall SCANDI FlOOR liability exceed the amount SCANDI FlOOR actually received upon distribution for the defective materials at issue.
                       – In the event that SCANDI FlOOR is obliged or elects to replace or reinstall warranted planks, SCANDI FlOOR. shall in no manner be obliged to provide for or incur the costs of removing or reinstalling the defective flooring or resurfacing or refinishing the replaced or surrounding flooring or to provide for the cost thereof unless and to the extent expressly provided in the Warranty Description above. No obligation to replace or repair shall extend to any subfloor materials, adhesives, supplies or other items consumed in the course of removal, installation, or refinishing.
                      – Any claim for warranty coverage must be made within six months of the date upon which the defect first became known or first should have been discovered. All claims must be made in writing. In order to make any claim under this warranty, written evidence of the purchase date and the identity of the original purchaser and installation location must be provided and without such proof no warranty coverage will apply.
                      – Any claim for warranty coverage must be supplied with proof of due care and maintenance of the parquet with accordance to manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions.
                      – No installer, retailer, distributor, agent, employee of SCANDI FlOOR. has the authority to increase or alter the obligations or limitations of this warranty.
                      – If you need to file a claim under this warranty, first contact your SCANDI FlOOR retailer.
                      – Any and all disputes arising out of the purchase of SCANDI FlOOR or this warranty shall be subject to mandatory and binding arbitration in Somerset, New Jersey, pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association (for customers in the USA and Canada) or in Arbitration Court at the International Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, Sweden, (for the customers in the rest of the World). Any trials by jury are expressly waived.




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