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Spicy, sensual and hot...

Bold and daring, dramatic and breathtaking, warm and rich - Red is a powerful color that can transform your home.


Loki Wood Flooring Collection offers various wood species with different grain pattern and varied hues -  from Jatoba with it salmon red and distinctive, durable beauty, to deep and rich reddish brown tones of Merbau, with its allure and timeless elegance.

Whether you're looking for a full of drama and passion shade of scarlet, or having an intention to make a cozy room with a warm glow, you can find an inspiration within our specific Loki collection. Vibrant colors - from light orangish-brown to copper red.

Explore our Loki wood flooring collection and discover different tones of red that will help you to create a desired ambient in your space.

Sunwashed Ash
1 Strip Jatoba
1 Strip Merbau
1 Strip Merbau
Ash Clover Honey
3 Strip Jatoba
3 Strip Merbau
Merbau Ladybird
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