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Inspired by nature...

Scandinavians have a deep-rooted love and respect for nature. It has always been an excellent inspiration for fashion, art and interior design. Nothing like natural wood floor warmness will complement any home décor.

Sognefjorden wood flooring collection includes different wood species with its own character and unique grain pattern,
which are when being treated with art and science will add a natural beauty to any décor.
The rocky coasts, flora and mountains of the Sognefjorden influenced the rich, natural tones and varied textures.

Expand all the natural richness of Sognefjorden wood collection! Finished in a great array of colors of nature, featuring smooth contours and playful accent colors, or with a light finishing touch this collection represents the great balance of engineered and organic materials.
Whether you are into rustic or more elegant style, you will find the perfect wood flooring options for your space. 
From even, soft and natural colors and gentle finishes to designs with wire brushed, enhanced structure and grain...
From varied designs with infrequent knots and mineral marks with smooth variations of tones in every board to more distinctive tonal variations with patina and stained pores for a truly unique look....

Discover our Sognefjorden collection to create a harmony and balance between your living space and nature.

Eagle's Nest
Seal Grey
Misty Fjord
Reindeer Moss
Harbor Lights
Seal Grey
Auburn Hills
Beech Seashell
Aurora Borealis
Polar Nights
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